Future Husband or Nah – Part 3 (“Crazy Eddie”)

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God.  Believer in the Christian faith.  But the men I meet? Boy oh boy.

or nahIf you’ve been following my blog these past few weeks, then you have already heard about Crazy Eddie.  (If you missed Parts 1 and 2, catch up here).

So the next day, I’m at church when I get a text message.  Who was it from? Yep, you guessed it. None other than Crazy Eddie.  He tells me he wants to take me shopping (what is it with this dude and thinking I need him to spend money on me?).  I decline.  Then, since it was the Superbowl, Eddie  invites me to watch the game with him. However, he invited me to  the strip club to watch it  (WTHeck dude? I already said no to sex, no to you sending me pics of your chest, but you really gone think I’mma want to go to a strip club with you? Smh). Continue reading “Future Husband or Nah – Part 3 (“Crazy Eddie”)”

Future Husband or Nah? (Part 2 of Crazy Eddie)

I’m 27. Single. Woman of God.  Believer in the Christian faith.  But the men I meet? Boy oh boy.

or nahSo, last week I introduced you all to Eddie.  (If you missed it, catch up here).

So, the next morning, Eddie sends me a text asking to meet up for breakfast and lunch and to take me shopping. (First, of all, I already told you I have to work and then have church, did you not listen to me?)  But instead of being mean, I simply thanked him for his offer, told him I had commitments during the day and that while I appreciate the offer to go shopping, I’m not the kind of woman that’s checking for his money.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy being spoiled from time to time, but dating is an investment.  You just met me and you should want to get to know me to see if I’m even worth spending money on.  That’s how I feel.  I know a lot of men come into contact with what they call “gold-diggers” and women who are just after coins, but me? I want a man to make love to my mind. I want a man who will pull out his Bible and spoil me with scriptures of God’s word not just spoil me with physical gifts (shrugs). Continue reading “Future Husband or Nah? (Part 2 of Crazy Eddie)”

A Woman’s Love

Man will never understand the love of a good Christian woman. Our love is deeper than most.

We pray for you even when you don’t know it.

We are supportive of you even when you don’t support us.

We are patient and understanding, willing to make sacrifices so that you can be the great man that God has called you to be.

We love you unconditionally and put up with more than we deserve because we believe in you, so much so that we choose to hurt and be hurt by you so that you can be great.

We choose to love you harder even in all of our pain.  That’s why when our hearts are broken, it hurts us so much.  The heart of a woman is very precious. Learn to appreciate it while you can…



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