Empowerment Corner

Hey Queen! Hey King! Need some quick encouragement on your singleness, relationship or self-worth journey? Well, you have come to the right place!!! Our relationship empowerment corner has instant motivation and FREE resources below for all of your royal needs! This is my gift to you! Stay encouraged!

FREE COURSE: What is Love?

This FREE five-minute course gives you a quick, biblical definition of love as well as practical principles to apply to your relationship (or things to consider if you are single). Course includes a FREE downloadable worksheet.

FREE GUIDE: Six Facts for Singles

This FREE guide talks about six key facts that you need to know and be aware of if you are single.

FREE Self-Love Bingo Card

Download your FREE self-love bingo card which includes various things to help you love on yourself more and have a good time! It is available for FREE download, just enter your email address and it will take you to the download screen.

Together let’s celebrate singleness, transform relationships and be confident in our worth.” ~Lady V