3 Toxic Statements to Stop Saying to Our Men

Hey loves! Today we are talking aboit a few toxic statements that women say to and about men. Let’s get right into it.

You’re not a real man unless you…

Women are quick to base a man’s manhood on some kind of conditional statement. You’re not a real man unless you make XX amount of money. You’re not a real man unless you pay all my bills. And so forth. STOP IT! A man’s worth, value and identity as a real man is not based on your conditions but God’s conditions. Learn the power of your tongue and be careful of the words you say to your man.

All men are dogs.

Ladies be careful not to classify all men into one category. Just like you don’t want to be lumped into one category, neither do our men. Stop assuming they are like your ex and if you really believe all men are dogs, why do you keep dating them?

Man up!

Whether you are referring to them showing emotion or something else, this is a sure way to diminish and belittle that man. We have to move away from this stigma that men can’t show emotion or that any sign of emotion is considered a weakness. That is why we have so many depressed men, etc. because our society doesn’t encourage men to express themselves or when they do, we call them “weak”. Imagine how different this world could be if men could truly be vulnerable without fear.

Dateless for 365 Days and Counting

Happy New Year loves! I am officially back with a brand new video! I took an entire year off from dating last year! I know, I know…not a conventional way of thinking but in this video I share 3 things that led me to take that break AND why you may want to consider it too (maybe not a whole year haha but a little break). Thanks in advance for watching!😘

Stop Settling For People You Truly Don’t Desire

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How to Get Over Your Ex and Move On to the Next

Hey loves, I’m back with another #RelationshipTEAWithLady_V video and today we are talking about a question that was submitted to me via my IG story poll. Specifically, I will discuss how to get over your ex, how to stop from missing them and how to move on to the next!


I could go on all day but here are a FEW tips (definitely not an all-inclusive list)
1) Block emotional triggers (AND BLOCK THE PERSON! I
don’t say this in the video but this is critical to your moving forward.)
3) Surround yourself with people who care about you.