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“My mission is to empower women to be Queens!”

Untitled design (2)My name is Videllia and I am the founder and creator of this lifestyle blog – where we empower women to be Queens.  I’m so excited you decided to check out my website where I challenge women to be whole in themselves, comfortable in their perfect imperfections and unashamed of being the Queen they were created to be.  This whole site is designed to motivate and empower YOU!

♥ My Mission ♥
I have only one goal – to inspire and influence  women to walk into their own Queendom– bold and confident in the Queen they were created and destined to be! Through faith, inspiration, relationships, videos and more, there is something for every queen.  Need empowerment? Head over to my For Every Queen tab. Need beauty tips or new recipes to cook in your Queendom? Head over to my Lady V Loves tab. And there’s so much more!

My hope is that this site will serve as a one stop shop for the Queen in you!

♥ My Content ♥
My site is designed to empower the Queen in you!  Here are my site’s content features:

▪For Every Queen:  Faith, motivation and inspiration for every Queen out there.
▪#WCW Queen Spotlight:  Nominate a dope Queen in your life to be featured on my page.
▪Lady V Speaks:  Watch my latest YouTube videos or be encouraged through my latest podcasts.
▪Lady V Loves:  Learn more about all of the things that I love to do including beauty, fashion, food, travel, planner organization tips and more!
▪Relationships:  Get dating tips and advice, inspiration for singles/couples and much more!
▪Career:  Explore this page for career and finance related advice.

XoXo  ~Videllia

wordpress-background-16.pngVidellia is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by day and is a blogger/writer and aspiring author.  She is very passionate about empowering women to be Queens.  Ultimately, she wants to help transform the perspectives of how women view themselves so that they can walk this catwalk called “Life” with their heads held high and a fierce upmh in their step!  She wants all women to know their worth, be confident of their worth and never ashamed of their faith, flaws or fashion!

While not meeting the demands of her corporate clients, Videllia enjoys writing/blogging, traveling, working out, reading, fashion, dancing, and spending time with her family/friends.  She’s also a huge advocate of giving back to her community and often participates in several community service initiatives every year and uses her birthday every year to receive donation supplies for a local charity in lieu of gifts.  Her motto – “for every year that God blesses me with life, I ought to be a blessing to others!”  She hopes that this site will bless you too!

For booking inquiries, please email at only1v.inspire@gmail.com.

This is her official website.  Her work has been published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram Newspaper and on the following sites:

  • qwcdevos.com
  • fempotential.com
  • anewmedre.com

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