Day 12: I Am NOT Defined by My Status

“You are still a queen regardless if you have a King!” ~Videllia Davis

I’m so excited to kick off this second part of our #KnowYourWorth Series. This next section is all about relationships. I have found that many people diminish their own value in order to please others!!! But before we go too deep into that, let me first start by saying, you are NOT defined by your relationship status.

So many women and yes, even some men, look down upon themselves if they don’t have a significant other. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get a man?” are the kinds of questions that they constantly ask themselves. Does that sound like you? That has definitely been my story on numerous occasions. Seeing my friends thrive in the love department and myself meeting only knuckleheads, I would find myself questioning my own value. “I’m simply not good enough.” “I’m not attractive enough.” “Something must be wrong with me.”

Then one day I realized something! I am STILL a QUEEN regardless if I have a King! That means I am still a valuable, strong, beautiful and amazing woman regardless if I have a man. And so are you! Stop allowing your family, friends, coworkers and ESPECIALLY social media/internet define your value by whether you have a title attached to your name. Your worth is not defined by your relationship status!

The key thing to remember is that YOU are who defines your worth. If you feel like you are only worthy when you have a guy/gal on your own then it’s time for you to learn to change your way of thinking. Everything starts within our minds! Tell yourself that you are still a QUEEN regardless if you have a King and walk around with your head held high!


#KnowYourWorthChallenge: What negative things have you told yourself about your worth when it comes to you being or not being in a relationship? What ways can you change your thoughts to help you redefine how you view your value and self-worth?

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