Day 3: The Recipe for Self-Worth

“Girls have the ingredients for self-worth but sometimes need the recipe.” -Jess Weiner.

This statement is so very true. Many of us have read tons of articles that tell us about our worth. However, sometimes it’s hard to combine all those ingredients together and create our own recipe that will help us live a fulfilling lifestyle like the worthy individuals we were created to be. Like many of you, struggling with self-worth was a major challenge for me. Even transitioning into adulthood, I still found myself struggling more and more with understanding my value to God, to man and most importantly, to myself.

I found myself looking for love in all the wrong places (haha). This led me to falling in love with a man who revealed to me he was bi-sexual (needless to say that didn’t work out), to being in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship. I also found myself to be very uncomfortable in my skin. I often would research creams to prevent and fade stretch marks and watch tons of YouTube videos to learn how to cover acne scarring when I was going through hormonal phases. I thought that I had to be this picture-perfect image in order for someone to see my value

But over the years, I learned how to turn to scriptures, blogs and other resources to keep me encouraged on this journey. These things helped me not to lose focus or sight on the amazing woman that I am and the value I bring to the table. So I have combined all of my research into a simple recipe that you can use on your journey:

God + Self Love + A Transformed Mind = A Celebration of Worth!

My hope is that by using this recipe, you all too will get to a place where you #KnowYourWorth and don’t settle for anything less than God’s VERY BEST in your life!


#KnowYourWorthChallenge: Reflect on the three questions/sections listed on the #KnowYourWorth topic overview posted yesterday (i.e. what’s my worth in God/relationships/in general?). Jot down your response in a journal or on a piece of paper and place it somewhere safe. We will revisit this at the end.

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