Ahhh it’s finally here!!! Tomorrow I am going to kick off my official #KnowYourWorthSeries for the month of February encouraging you all to #KnowYourWorth! I have been working really hard on this project and can’t wait for you all to join me on this journey of self-worth and self-realization. It’s going to be a celebration! You definitely do not want to miss this great series and guess what? It’s being offered to you FREE of charge!  But wait, there’s more!  I’ve also partnered up with Jamie Berry, another blogger, to be able to offer you a giveaway this month.  All of that for $Free.99! Haha. So I hope you are excited as I am. Be sure you’re following me on social media (@only1lady_v) or my website (www.only1v.com) so that you don’t miss out on any of the things to come!!!  I don’t want to tell you everything now so you have to stay tuned!!! The series officially kicks off tomorrow!!! Like/Comment Below if you are joining me on this journey!


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